Thierry de Montbrial comes to Bucharest to launch his book, „Jurnal Românesc”

Thierry de Montbrial, one of the great personalities of the European intellectual community, a well known specialist in the field of economic and political science, will give a lecture during his visit to Romania (May 9-11) on the occasion of the official launch of his book „Jurnal Românesc”.

One of the artisans of the concepts which have built and modeled the world in the last decades, Thierry de Montbrial is the founder and president of The French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). The institute has as aim elaborating studies and analyses on present international problems and facilitating the exchange of ideas between political decision makers, researchers and other leaders on both national and international level. Considered as an “idea factory”, IFRI is acknowledged as one of the most influential think–tanks worldwide.

With its 30 standing researchers and a huge network of affiliated ones, 80 partner organizations and 15 research programs in progress, IFRI organizes annually over 200 conferences and debates in Paris, Brussels and other capital cities of the world, hosts over 10000 guests, and publishes over 100 studies and reports.

In recent years, IFRI hosted several heads of states and governments: president of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, president of Russian Federation, Dimitri Medvedev, China’s ex-president, Hu Jintao, president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, Mikhail Saakachvili, president of Georgia, Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, Jose Manuel Barosso, president of the European Commission.

Since 2008, IFRI organizes the World Policy Conference, an event in which the most important international decision-makers, international opinion leaders, heads of the most important multinational and non- government organizations discuss on issues of global governance. The objective of the World Policy Conference is to facilitate a constructive dialogue, from which the decision makers have their political thought made compatible in order to promote new governing mechanisms able to respond more efficiently to challenges launched by the global system dynamics.

A refined analyst of the systems governing a world in full globalization process, Thierry de Montbrial is traveling a lot and is known to a great part of the most powerful people of the world. The last 22 years Montbrial has visited Romania and talked with the actors of the moment, from heads of State and Government of post-December Romania, to personalities of the Romanian political, economic and cultural scene. The author does not hesitate to characterize them in brief and accurate sentences in „Jurnal Românesc”, a vivid story of a human adventure not predicted by anything.

In Romania, Thierry de Montbrial has received The National Order „Star of Romania” in the ranks of Officer, Commander and Grand Officer from Presidents Emil Constantinescu, Ion Iliescu and Traian Băsescu, as a sign of high appreciation for the contribution to the development of academic, human, political and cultural relations between France and Romania and for his talent and devotion showed throughout his university and academic career, for his personal contribution to enriching the universal cultural heritage.

CRSC Europe Team.