Thierry de Montbrial comes to Bucharest to launch his book, „Jurnal Românesc”

Thierry de Montbrial, one of the great personalities of the European intellectual community, a well known specialist in the field of economic and political science, will give a lecture during his visit to Romania (May 9-11) on the occasion of the official launch of his book „Jurnal Românesc”.

One of the artisans of the concepts which have built and modeled the world in the last decades, Thierry de Montbrial is the founder and president of The French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). The institute has as aim elaborating studies and analyses on present international problems and facilitating the exchange of ideas between political decision makers, researchers and other leaders on both national and international level. Considered as an “idea factory”, IFRI is acknowledged as one of the most influential think–tanks worldwide. Continue reading “Thierry de Montbrial comes to Bucharest to launch his book, „Jurnal Românesc””