New global challenges of cyber security. The role of the CERT type entities

New global challenges of cyber security. The role of the CERT type entities” took place Thursday, September 29th, at 10:00 a.m. at The Palace of the Parliament 2-4, in Bucharest. The agenda is available at
 The event explored cyber security challenges, initiatives and best practices for information security and brought together leaders and decision-makers from both public and private sector to share good practices and vital information on the latest trends and developments on cyber security. The event was be followed by a cocktail at Vila Lac 1.

Among the speakers:

– Mr. Valerian Vreme, Minister of Communication and Information Society
– Prof. Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director of ENISA
– Mr. Radu Enache, Director General HP Romania
– Mr. Sebastien Heon, Senior Adviser Cassidian
– Mr. Krzysztof SOCHA, European Commission
– Mr. Richard William Archdeacon, Head of Security Strategy HP
– Mr. Catalin Cosoi, Bitdefender
– Mr. Aurelian Ionescu, IBM

Official Partners: HP and CASSIDIAN (an EADS Company).

Parteners: Enel, Microsoft, Fortinet/NetSafe Solutions, Provision, AlienVault/Silensec, Petrom.

Sponsors: IBM, Bitdefender, Oil Terminal, certSIGN by UTI, HUAWEI, Ines Group, QUEST Software.

CRSC Europe is one of the NGO partners of CERT-RO.

Recicloniada – Eco fair in Grozavesti Campus

CRSC Europe is attending Recicloniada 2011 – the event is the first eco fair to be organised in a student campus (in Grozavesti area, Bucharest). The event will showcase volunteer opportunities, eco workshops and green ideas for a cleaner city. The event is powered by Apa Nova as part of their CSR strategy and in 2011 is already at the second edition.

Our volunteers will be there for the fair and for the party, you will have the chance to explore our eco vision and maybe get involved in our Green Journalism Initiative! It will be a fun day!

Meet you in Grozavesti!

CRSC is growing green. Partnership for Green Bucharest

CRSC Europe joined forces with the Environmental Direction directed by Bucharest Municipality in order to promote a green attitude among young people.

The partnership aims to inform and educate the new generation concerning environmental issues and CRSC Europe will use its online platforms and social media vehicles for a large awareness campaign. Continue reading “CRSC is growing green. Partnership for Green Bucharest”

Education Fair 2011 – University of Bucharest

CRSC Europe covered last weekend the Educational Fair organised by the University of Bucharest.

Our ngo also offered PR and Media support for the Faculty of Foreign Languages and for several Romanian student organizations. Please follow the related articles in order to find our more about the event:

Volunteering is the new fashion! Now It’s hotter to be non-profit and help people. Photo

Cateva mii de studenti din universitatile din Romania au luat cu asalt organizatiile non-guvernamentale de tineret pentru a se inscrie la competitia de “fapte bune”. Noua generatie de voluntari aduce un suflu nou miscarii studentesti si are, in premiera, o calitate deloc comentata in presa sau pe posturile de televiziune parazitate de personaje indoielnice: este…citeste in continuare »

ASLS student volunteers appreciated by University management – Photo

Prof. dr. Ioan Panzaru, Rectorul Universitatii din Bucuresti, a vizitat membrii ASLS (Asociatia Studentilor din Facultatea de Limbi Straine) pentru a-i felicita cu ocazia organizarii exceptionale a echipei Facultatii de Limbi si Literaturi Straine. Echipa FLLS a fost una dintre cele mai dinamice echipe prezente la Targul Educatiei gazduit de Universitatea din Bucuresti insa studentii…citeste in continuare »

The most interesting exhibition stand was organised by ASID volunteers. Photo

Comunismul si perioada anterioara anilor ’90 si-a gasit locul intr-un proiect inedit de organizare al standului ASID in cadrul Targului Educatiei organizat de Universitatea din Bucuresti. Voluntarii ASID au adus obiecte din perioada comunista, discuri cu muzica vremii dar si reviste si ziare ale anilor in care Nicolae Ceausescu era “liderul suprem”. La peste 20…citeste in continuare »

Optimism. ASUB volunteers turned the University yellow – Photo

Optimismul a fost cuvantul cheie la standul ASUB (Asociatia Studentilor din Universitatea Bucuresti) gazduit de Targul Educatiei. Voluntarii ASUB au ras, au glumit si au interactionat cu studentii dornici sa afle oferta de voluntariat a organizatiei dar si oportunitatile de dezvoltare personala oferite pentru tinerii fara experienta. Din momentul nasterii, 17 mai 1999, scopul ASUB…citeste in continuare »

ASLS volunteers, the stars of the show – Photo

ASLS (Asociatia Studentilor din Facultatea de Limbi Straine) si-a mobilizat membrii voluntari in numar mare pentru a participa la Targul Educatiei gazduit de Universitatea din Bucuresti. Cu un istoric de invidiat, ASLS este prezenta la Targul Educatiei inca de la prima editie iar voluntarii organizatiei sunt ingrediente de baza pentru succesul targului din fiecare an….citeste in continuare »

Euro26 – the European discount card for students – Photo

Asociatia Euro<26 a fost prezenta la standul de la Targul Educatiei cu voluntarii sai, care au emis cardul European de reduceri pentru tinerii intre 14 si 30 de ani. “Facilitati in tara si strainatate la cazare, masa, transport, bilete reduse la teatru, opera sunt doar cateva din avantajele de care poti beneficia pe baza cardului”…citeste in continuare »

Tribute to Japan exhibition and cultural event – Photo

Facultatea de Limbi si Literaturi Straine a Universitatii din Bucuresti in parteneriat cu ASLS, Asociatia Studentilor din Facultatea de Limbi Straine, a prezentat oferta educationala miilor de tineri veniti la Targul Educatiei 2011. In cadrul evenimentului au luat cuvantul profesori din conducerea facultatii dar si studenti care au punctat avantajele oferite de dechiderea internationala a…citeste in continuare »

Education Fair 2011 in images – University of Bucharest. Photo

Targul Educatiei este gazduit, in fiecare an, de Universitatea din Bucuresti. Tinerii, elevii si studentii au ocazia sa interactioneze si sa afle oferta educationala a Universitatii din Bucuresti dar si oferta de voluntariat a organizatiilor studentesti si de tineret din facultatile universitatii. Galerie FOTO – Targul Educatiei 2011 (C)…citeste in continuare »

The Digital Media Library NGO Initiative – Romania’s Digital Heritage

Foto: Journalists Marius Stoian and Cristian Unteanu at the first ARPMM meeting in Bucharest|(c) CRSC Europe 2011

The project of the Digital Library of the Romanian Written Media is based on a need of the civil society and it is, like the journalist Marius Stoian calls it, a forceful political idea: the recovery of the historical textual and imagistic patrimony of a guild, of the journalistic guild of a European state.

Capitalizing on the cultural and informative deposit of the Romanian printed media is a piece of national identity, consequently a component of European cultural identity. Continue reading “The Digital Media Library NGO Initiative – Romania’s Digital Heritage”