Emergent leaders and disruptive ideas: Romania’s New Wave is now available on Amazon


“Romania’s new wave” was launched under the patronage of Foreign Policy magazine and the book brings together for the first time the visions for the future of 77 disruptive and emergent leaders of the Millennial Generation (under 40 years of age).

Contributors: Solomon Marcus, Marius Stoian, Oana Moraru, Alex Voicescu, Clara Volintiru, Gabriela Simbotin, Andreea Paul, Mihaela Popescu, Armine Vosganian, Sabina Baciu, Horia Dinulescu, Norbert Petrovici, Sebastian Botic, Bogdan Mihai Radu, Ina Leonte, Laura Stefanut, Bobby Paunescu, Alina Rizescu, Alexandru Tomescu, Ioana Moldovan, Flaviu George Predescu, Marius Dan, Radu Magdin, Barbu Mateescu, Corina Murafa, Ilie Puscas, Iulian Popa, Dan Nechita, Andrei Stoian, Dan Luca, Alex Giboi, Bogdan Nedea, Ioana Alina Dragan, Oana Toiu, Ciprian Stanescu, Simona Iftimescu, Ionut Vulpescu, Bogdan Gavrila, Ionut Stanimir, Cristian Alexandru, Dana Besliu, Eugenia Gusilov, Popescu Dumitru, Andrei Sapera, Ionut Budisteanu, Dragos Iliescu, Cristian Botan, Mihai Precup, Mihai Alisie, Traian Bruma, Dan Armeanu, Ionut Cojocariu, Alina Lazarescu-Abboud, Cosmin Negrescu, Iulia Buciuman, Raluca Sancariuc, Lucian Stroie, Marian Stas, Eliza Chirila, Alina Popescu, Miruna Troncota, Cristi Danilet, Theodor Marcu, Liliana Filip, Oana Claudia Iacob, Gruia Bumbu, Madalina Doroftei, Florin Catanescu, Mihaela Paraschivescu, Matei Psata, Mihai Dragos, Narciz Balasoiu, Codrin Scutaru, Oana Rebedea, Elena Calistru, Dani Sandu, Claudiu Craciun, Laura Silvas, Daniel Daianu.

The book is divided into 4 chapters: “Creative industries. Revolution by power of imagination”, “Emerging leaders and Romanian leadership in the 21st century”, “The new knowledge economy. Third generation entrepreneurship” and “The Y Generation’s predictions”.

The work’s preface is signed by Solomon Marcus, the oldest member of the Romanian Academy, and creates a bridge over generations, the technical coordination is ensured by Marius Stoian and Bogdan Gavrila, while the afterword is written by Daniel Daianu, a Romanian economist, professor and member of the Board of the National Bank of Romania.

A book of this kind is a strong signal that Romania has the human resources capable of producing contemporary ideas and projects, elites connected to the global flow of ideas and universal values.

The volume was first published in January 2015 and become the first platform in Romania to explore the newest global topics such as the democratization of knowledge, innovation in the energy domain, e-governance and creativity, new directions in culture, alternative education and transforming education through design, open architecture, new cinematography, exoeconomics, participatory urbanism, women leadership, minorities and networks, global governance, disruptive technologies, open data and e-government, reinvented agriculture, the revolution of industrial robots, digital currency, exploring and colonizing space, vulnerable communities, divergent thinking, etc.

The book was crowd-sourced and crowd-funded and every online purchase will generate a paperback copy that will be donated to a library.

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