Romanian Wind Energy Forum 2011

The big challenge for the wind energy in Romania is coming: the future of this industry will be discussed and planned during the first edition of The Romanian Wind Energy Forum, which will take place in Constanta, between 6-8th of September 2011.

Romanian Wind Energy Association, the voice of the Romanian wind industry, actively promoting the production of wind power energy in our country, organize The Romanian Wind Energy Forum under the European Wind Energy Association’s tutelage, one of the world’s largest and most powerful wind energy network.

The first edition of The Romanian Wind Energy Forum aims to assure effective networking between all the players of the wind power market so as to facilitate national policies we have now that strengthen the development of the Romanian wind energy market, even infrastructure and technology, in order to achieve a more sustainable and cleaner energy production in the future”, Mrs. Dana Duica, the president of the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) declared.

The Forum has three main sections: one orientated towards the main key issues of the wind industry in Romania (lawyers debating the legal framework of E-RES, What was done and what more can be done, Developing a wind farm), the second is a methodology component (Financing the wind farms, Market and Grid integration, Logistics and O&M) and the third is finding the effective tools for increasing public awareness and educating consumers about important and reliable benefits of wind energy. More information about The Romanian Wind Energy Forum 2011 are available on the event’s site –

Romanian Wind Energy Association was founded in 2008 and has in the present 91 registered members, important representatives of the energy industry and additional sectors.

CRSC Europe is the official romanian NGO partner of RWEA for Wind Energy Forum 2011.