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Fishing Options
Bill Steiner's big feeder caught in Kachemak Bay, Homer Alaska

King Salmon

Feeder King Salmon can be caught year around. Not only are they fierce fighters for sport, but locals will claim they are by far the best eating salmon in the fish.travel - islamorada fishing charter. The average catch is between 10 and 20 pounds. It's not uncommon to get them up to 40 pounds and not unrealistic to get them up to 60 pounds or more.

Captain Dave with a couple of happy kids from Switzerland.

"Early Run" King Salmon (Spawners) are usually caught in May and June (give or take). When these monsters are on their way home, they are at their peak size and there are lots of them. Trolling is the most common way to salt water fish for Kings. However, there are places to go where you can spin cast on light tackle with bait or lures. One of these places is Halibut Cove Lagoon. Just anchor up and cast into mirror-like water as large groups of kings race to see who can be caught first. Well, it sounds good . . . but it does take some skill!

Silvers and Others

Other types of salmon in area waters include: Sockeye (reds), Humpies (pinks), Chum (dogs), and Coho (silvers). While all of these salmon are available for catch, our favorite target is the acrobatic Coho. Fishing for silvers takes less patience and more energy. It is not uncommon to have two, three, and even four or more on at the same time.

A fine catch of silvers!


Homer, Alaska is known as the Halibut Capital of the World. And for good reason!

Halibut tend to migrate out to the deep and far in the winter and return in the spring. While halibut can be found almost year around, they are best fished in the spring and summer months. These mighty fish range in size anywhere from 5 to 400 pounds. The bulk of the fish caught are within the 30 pound range, however, there is always a good chance of the very large version. If one is somewhat patient, there are places to go and methods to use for hooking into a monster. This usually involves big tides and shallow water.

Betsy Sharp of Fairbanks and Captain Dave with Betsy's monster halibut.

A 317 lb. halibut caught by Betsy Sharp of Fairbanks is the 4th largest Homer Halibut Derby fish for 2004.

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